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Feel THESE – 100% Totally Natural

Feel THESE – 100% Totally Natural!

Let me start by saying I condone fake boobs.  That being said, when it comes to your business, reputation (branding), or communications – Organic Growth Rules!

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a website TweeterGetter.com which promises 19k+ Twitter followers in 30 days!

[If you’re not sure what Twitter is, check this out]

While it’s definitely alluring to grab a flock of followers in flash, I can’t help but notice that Tweeter Getter is just the Pyramid Scheme de jour..err, Twitter.  Now, I know there are arguments FOR this service, but do you really expect to get something (a $hit ton of followers) for nothing?  What do I know…

Would you apply a similar Pyramid Scheme to your business?  Think about it:

  • Grow too fast – how will you ensure quality products or services
  • Experience good growth initially, then unsustainable sales
  • Gain customers that don’t actually care or evangelize your business
  • Don’t know who your customers ARE or  how can you provide value
  • Backlash from those against this shady approach
  • Damage to reputation/brand (5 yrs to build brand, 5 min to destroy)
  • Etc. 😉

Surely there are hundreds of other reasons the method above stinks.  I’m going to try the old fashioned (yet, modern-ish) approach to Twitter, my reputation, and business.  You can help me determine if this is a smart approach (or not):

  • Know who my contacts are and how we can benefit each other
  • Build my followers in a natural, organic way
  • Engage in meaningful conversations
  • Provide relevant information
  • Gain friends, followers and peers who will HELP me when needed
  • Help my friends, followers and peers
  • Support the PGH community
  • Learn as much about the community, industry and best practices – and SHARE
  • Do GREAT work
  • Exude Awesomeness

What do you think about TweeterGetter? Am I flat out wrong?  Is “Awesomeness” a word?

Photo credit: contraquien