What Have You Done 4 Me Lately?

Thanks for Your Business!

I recently took my dog Dexter to the vet for a routine visit.  We could not have been more pleased with the service at East End Veterinary Medical Centre, and after receiving the “Thank You/Welcome” card (to the left) it got me thinking…

What Have YOU Done For ME Lately?

More specifically – What has your business done for its customers lately?

Veterinary offices seems to do a good job, in general, of keeping in contact with their customers in a seemingly genuine manner.  A simple Thank You card, a visit reminder, or similar note goes a LONG way in my book.  Especially when the communication let’s me know that I am a VALUED customer.

Imagine that – Your Customers like to be Valued.

How can you take this further without being totally obnoxious?

10 Ways to Value Your Customers and Add Value:

  1. Genuinely THANK your customers for their business – IMMEDIATELY…DO IT NOW
  2. Take time to LISTEN to your customers’ needs and wants
  3. Make relevant suggestions; ensure TRUST in the relationship
  4. Update your customers on what YOUR business is doing in the community/industry
  5. Participate in Community/Conversation (Online and in Real Life!)
  6. Make it easy for customers to give feedback and participate in the Community/Conversation
  7. Give your customers the tools to be your WOM advocate
  8. Make it right or Apologize – Immediately
  9. Make your customers the Rock Stars
  10. Do something Unexpected and Amazing

Now, I know these are all Über Basic and non-specific, but just think about them a little.  Have you thanked your customers lately?  I mean REALLY thanked ’em. And what are you doing to extend or enhance the customer’s experience BEYOND your immediate interactions?

I’ll give you some examples of what else a vet could do (for dog owners):

  • Sponsor dog owner/Meetup groups
  • Create map of local dog parks
  • Create list of local groomers, trainers, pet supply stores and pet friendly businesses
  • Sponsor community dog friendly events
  • Start opt-in mailing list highlighting dog health issues, events, and CUSTOMERS
  • Partner with key local business to provide discounts or incentives for customers
  • Encourage the writing of reviews and blogging of experiences

This by no means an all-inclusive list.  I’m sure you all could come up with 20 more things to add.  Oh, and did I mention your business still has to provide a great product or service?

Just always keep in mind:  Value Your Customers and Add Value.



One response to “What Have You Done 4 Me Lately?

  1. How about the question – what can WE do for YOU?

    We saw an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today about the dog park in Lawrenceville you are trying to raise money for. We would love to donate one of our elevated dog bowl feeders to the silent auction.

    Let us know if you are interested.

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