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What Have You Done 4 Me Lately?

Thanks for Your Business!

I recently took my dog Dexter to the vet for a routine visit.  We could not have been more pleased with the service at East End Veterinary Medical Centre, and after receiving the “Thank You/Welcome” card (to the left) it got me thinking…

What Have YOU Done For ME Lately?

More specifically – What has your business done for its customers lately?

Veterinary offices seems to do a good job, in general, of keeping in contact with their customers in a seemingly genuine manner.  A simple Thank You card, a visit reminder, or similar note goes a LONG way in my book.  Especially when the communication let’s me know that I am a VALUED customer.

Imagine that – Your Customers like to be Valued.

How can you take this further without being totally obnoxious?

10 Ways to Value Your Customers and Add Value:

  1. Genuinely THANK your customers for their business – IMMEDIATELY…DO IT NOW
  2. Take time to LISTEN to your customers’ needs and wants
  3. Make relevant suggestions; ensure TRUST in the relationship
  4. Update your customers on what YOUR business is doing in the community/industry
  5. Participate in Community/Conversation (Online and in Real Life!)
  6. Make it easy for customers to give feedback and participate in the Community/Conversation
  7. Give your customers the tools to be your WOM advocate
  8. Make it right or Apologize – Immediately
  9. Make your customers the Rock Stars
  10. Do something Unexpected and Amazing

Now, I know these are all Über Basic and non-specific, but just think about them a little.  Have you thanked your customers lately?  I mean REALLY thanked ’em. And what are you doing to extend or enhance the customer’s experience BEYOND your immediate interactions?

I’ll give you some examples of what else a vet could do (for dog owners):

  • Sponsor dog owner/Meetup groups
  • Create map of local dog parks
  • Create list of local groomers, trainers, pet supply stores and pet friendly businesses
  • Sponsor community dog friendly events
  • Start opt-in mailing list highlighting dog health issues, events, and CUSTOMERS
  • Partner with key local business to provide discounts or incentives for customers
  • Encourage the writing of reviews and blogging of experiences

This by no means an all-inclusive list.  I’m sure you all could come up with 20 more things to add.  Oh, and did I mention your business still has to provide a great product or service?

Just always keep in mind:  Value Your Customers and Add Value.